Technion Research & Development Israel Institute of Metals

About us

The Israeli institute of metals is a research institute operating under the Technion umbrella and in full cooperation with the scientists and researchers staff of the Technion University. The institute was founded in 1963 to serve as a bridge between the academic community of the Technion and the traditional Israeli industry. The institute is standing in the head of engineering, scientific and technological innovation and a part of its activities includes the industrial application of advanced capabilities comprising the global cutting edge technology. In order to fulfill these missions, the institute partakes in national and international research activities, while cooperating with leading global research institutions in bilateral and multilateral research frameworks.


A wide range of Technion’s laboratories and state of the art facilities serve the institute researchers.
In order to provide efficient coverage of metals-related issues the institute includes four professional laboratories:

  • Metallurgical Engineering & Powder Technology
  • Advanced Processes Laboratory
  • Corrosion Prevention, Surface Treatment & Laser technology
  • Vehicle & Mechanical Engineering

The Institute is certified under ISO 17020 (Inspection Activity) and ISO 17025 (Testing Laboratory) and is well known for its highly professional staff.