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About Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Center

Additive manufacturing (AM) technology is an innovative field that has come to be known as the “third industrial revolution.” The technology enables the production of components with complex geometry and high mechanical properties. This technology is predicted to become an integral part of research and production in aerospace and healthcare industries.
Two types of additive manufacturing systems are used in our center:
• Electron Beam Melting system, utilizing high power electron beam that generates the energy needed for melting of metals from Aluminum up to Tungsten.
• Laser Melting system, manipulating high power laser beam for high capacity production.

The AM laboratory is well connected to both leading industries and R&D entities. This allows the laboratory to stand at forefront of industrialization and development in this area in Israel. Surrounded by the Technion’s and the IIM’s facilities and expertise, the AM lab is not only utilizing its own technological advantage but also preforms developments of AM complementary technologies such as surface polishing, ISO approved mechanical testing, alloy composition adaptation, corrosion tests and biological integration.